We manage passenger vessels

We manage vessels of various types and sizes, amongst them High-Speed Crafts (HSC), RoPax and RoRo vessels, Double-Ended Ferries as well as Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV)

  • The Halunder Jet decorated for its launching ceremony with the skyline of Hamburg in the background
  • Shows the tarifa jet at full speed at sea.
  • The vessel Kattegat at sea from a bird's view perspective
  • The MS Tanger Express at the port.
  • Shows the bow of the tarifa jet.
  • Shows the Al Andalus Express from FRS Iberia at sea.
  • The Algeciras Jet at sea
  • Unloading of cars from Ceuta Jet via its stern ramp
  • Shows the Miramar Express from bird's-eye view.
  • Shows the HSC San Gwann approaching Bimini.
  • Shows the SyltExpress in the port of List
  • Shows the SyltExpress from a bird's view perspective at sea